Home Theater & Media Rooms

We design and build a custom crafted home theater systems to blend with your home’s interior beautifully and functionally.

When you enter our showroom, you will first notice the “Home-like” room settings highlighting the various types of home theater systems. Home Theater systems displayed feature new HDTV big screen rear projection TVs, and custom installed front projection sets with large drop down screens for detailed picture resolution and film like quality. And, when it comes to surround sound you’ll marvel at the creative ways we have installed the audio components, speakers and subwoofers are so well hidden that you may find yourself wondering where all of the sound is coming from. The good news is that we can do the same thing in your home. Through the use of high quality in-wall speakers and subwoofers, you won’t have to worry about having to deal with big speakers that can take over your room. Our sales specialists can show you many options regarding custom installations, including the wide range of fine furniture cabinets that we offer are specifically designed for housing Home Theater components. We also offer “Theater Style” seating from quality manufacturers like Berkline and Irwin Seating on display that will compliment any décor and complete your Home Theater or Media Room. Just bring us your ideas and dimensions; we can make it happen.