ScreenPlay 777 Projector

Revel in the amazing clarity, contrast and colors that only native three-chip DLP™ high-definition digital technology can provide. The ScreenPlay 777 DLP projector is utterly unique, beginning with its streamlined design to its exclusive optical architecture that delivers unequaled brightness and contrast. The ScreenPlay 777 DLP projector’s increased-contrast pixel design expands on the already high-contrast DLP technology from Texas Instruments® the benchmark for the multi-plex cinema industry, adding up to the highest contrast possible anywhere.

The combination of the Mustang HD2 DLP chip and the enhanced FLI2310 DCDi® from Emmy-award winner Faroudja® represent the best of 17th generation DLP™ engines from InFocus.

Sophisticated InFocus ScreenPlay signal correction software offers bright, vivid images without hesitation. Recognized by the media, custom installation experts, and home cinema aficionados, the latest-generation technology found within the ScreenPlay 777 DLP projector provides you with video quality that is unprecedented.

Beyond external perfection, the ScreenPlay 777 DLP projector boasts internal technology that’s second-to-none.

Three DMDs, high-definition Mustang HD2, deliver amazing color and brightness to the last pixel. Native 1280 x 720 resolution creates high-definition perfection from any HD source, while a magnificent 3000:1 video contrast ratio displays crisp, pop-off-the-screen images against true blacks and detailed grayscale.

Paired with 2000 video-optimized lumens of brightness the image yields a stunningly brilliant, dramatic SMPTE (cinema standard) brightness up to massive 15 foot (4.57 meter) wide screens.

The enhanced DCDi® from Faroudja® delivers progressive scan video deinterlacing with enhanced noise reducers, color enhancers and a unique 2:2 pull down for the smoothest view, with virtually non-existent scan lines and no discernable flicker. This technology combined with D65 cinematic color mastering standards, creates the truest colors imaginable, engineered on ScreenPlay’s solid platform of innovation. Every InFocus ScreenPlay projector since inception has been an award-winner and delivers reality like nothing else.